This thematic area encompasses in a broad sense all those research focused on the innovative use of content transmedia and the use of social networks in the journalistic field.

The research approaches to the phenomenon are varied and complementary: beyond multimedia or journalism crossmedia, the universe transmedia offers journalistic narratives that are developed through different platforms and media through complementary and interrelated contents.

Aspects such as content production, creativity management, relationships between content and audiences, professional roles, the creation of new journalistic genres, the new frontiers between information and fiction, the relationships between information and entertainment or the reformulation of classics have a place.

Papers are also welcomed on the relationships between journalism and social media that go beyond the use of social networks in the design of journalistic narratives transmedia. In this sense, it would include studies that focus on the use of networks by journalists or media, on the analysis of journalistic content and uses on the social web, as well as on the reception of journalistic content disseminated through the networks.

You are invited to present papers on the following thematic axes:

  • Genres, content and creativity in journalism transmedia.
  • Analysis of contents and uses of social networks by media and journalists.
  • Audiences and their relationship with transmedia content in journalism.
  • Reception of journalistic content in social networks.