As explained in the official communication of the congress, and considering the exceptional circumstances produced by the expansion of the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19, the Organization of the congress has decided to continue with the same, but inviting participants to replace the defense of the presentation by the development and uploading to the platform of a video with the defense of the same along with an optional supplementary document (which may contain slides, links, references, etc.)

On September 18th and 19th it will be possible to interact on this platform in the way described.
From September 20th the congress will be considered as finished.

Procedure for online participation

    1. The first signatory or “spokesperson” of the presentation/communication must register on the platform.
    2. Fill in the data in your user profile, including name, surname and photograph or image, this will help to clearly identify you in the comments or questions you ask other congress members.
    3. Points 1 and 2 must be completed by the rest of the signatories of the communication/paper if they wish to actively participate in the congress (asking or answering questions about the contents of their communication or those of other participants)
    4. The first signatory or “spokesperson”of the paper/communication (and only he) will add a “new paper” by entering the following data of the paper accepted by the organization:
      • Summary text of the proposal that was accepted by the Organization (this text will be part of the book of abstracts to be published)
      • You will add the details of all the signatories (by clicking on “new signatory”) except for the details on the “registration” and “invoice” tab. These data will be used to prepare the certificates of participation, hence their importance.
      • If you need an invoice, please contact:
      • Fill in the title of the paper
      • Select the Work Area (Symposium) to which you want to link your paper.
      • Copy the summary text of the communication/paper that was accepted by the Organization without attaching files or images. Try to follow the rules (summary of 350-500 words that should include the basic information with the necessary data that shows the interest of the work, introduction, main objective, state of the art, applied methodology, main results and conclusions). We recommend that you have the text written in Word format and then copy and paste it.
      • Add the data of all the signatories of the paper.
      • Click on “I am going to make my presentation via ONLINE”
      • Add the URL of Youtube where you previously uploaded the video of your communication/speech defense.
      • Add the video support supplement (optional).
      • Press “send for review”.

Once we receive your proposal, we will accept it and it will be published in the file of your Work Area where it can be seen by all visitors and where it can be commented by the registered people. All congress participants will be asked to comment on or ask for several papers in order to consider their participation in the event.

Each time a person comments on their paper, they will receive an email informing them of their credentials and they will have to access the platform and answer the questions from the public file of their paper.

Video link
You are requested to prepare a video of the defence of your presentation. You may use any means or technique you consider (mobile phone, webcam, camera, etc.), understanding that the quality of the audio is fundamental, therefore, we ask you to carry out a prior test. The duration of the intervention should be between 7 and 10 minutes.

The video must necessarily be uploaded to the congress platform as a link. Simply make the video and upload it to the Youtube platform (the system does not accept other platforms). It is a process that requires some steps, but we understand that given the professional nature of most participants of the event this will not pose major problems. In any case, there will be an organization team ready to help you.

Complementary document

You will also be able to upload a complementary document (optional) that the rest of the participants will be able to download. This complementary document will not be the final text of the presentation, but an aid to follow the video defence of the same. We recommend that you prepare it in PDF format and that it contains the slides that you want to use, links, graphics, bibliography, or any other information that you consider interesting for the person who witnesses your defence. It is very important that this file has a contained size (less than 10 Mb) so as not to saturate the platform’s server. Under no circumstances should you upload individual images or videos.

In order to consider that a speaker has participated in the congress, in addition to making and uploading the video of the defence, he/she must ask questions, make suggestions or comments to other presentations and respond to those that may be made. The tool for sending and answering questions will be activated in the public file of the presentation (only for registered congress participants connected to the platform).

Consider therefore that the certification of participation in the congress will depend on these three sections (public defence via video, formulation of questions to another paper of the symposium and elaboration of answers to the questions collected on your paper).

The Organization has the mission to dynamize and supervise this activity and will be the one to send directly the certificates of presentation and participation.

In addition, you can, if you wish, participate in other thematic areas by asking other participants. Any participation will be welcomed.

We offer you an example of a congress already held that uses this platform so that you can see how participation in the different symposiums (Thematic Areas) works: Congreso de Comunicación y Pensamiento, Universidad de Sevilla, 2020.